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Top issues of digital industrial automation

The eMagazine WA3000 Industrial Automation informs you about all areas of innovative industrial automation – from drive technology to safety and security, machine vision, measurement and control technology, sensors and power supplies to industrial networking technology.

It’s free of charge

The eMagazines are published nine times a year. Stay up to date on the most important topics of digital industrial automation.

Thrilling technologies

Articles on cutting-edge products and services about Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT, software and hardware solutions for digitization and automation, and a look behind the horizon provide valuable inputs and insights.

Crisp and clear – easy reading on mobile devices and desktop computers

Thanks to its appealing layout and responsive design, the eMagazine WA3000 Industrial Automation perfectly displays innovations, specialist articles, success stories, case studies and product presentations on PCs, notebooks, smartphones and tablets.

The eMagazine with multimedia content

A picture says more than a thousand words and a video sums up complex products and services in the shortest time. For this reason, you will find a lot of multimedia content in the eMagazine.

Web App

Put the WA3000 Web App on the homepage of your mobile device.

- Keep informed about Industrial Automation
- With a short fingertip you’ll access the newest issue
- Easy to use: no complicated installation
- Works with Android and íOS

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